Bald Faced Hornets

Bald Face or, White Face Hornets as they are sometimes called, are social wasps which live in aerial nests constructed of a grey paper machete like material usually found interwoven in tree branches or adhered to the side of a structure from just above ground level to 40 feet high. Nests are started from one, queen wasp each spring when she begins constructing the paper nest and lays eggs in individual cells inside the newly formed nest. The queen tends to these few early season eggs until they hatch when she begins feeding them chewed up insects which the queen has collected. As wasps develop into adults they take over the nest building duties as worker wasps and the queen continues to lay more eggs. Workers also collect food, feed developing wasps and protect the nest. Nests typically continue to grow over the summer until they are the size ranging from a football to a basketball, containing from 400 to 700 wasps once they reach peak maturity in August and September. Worker wasps die off in late Fall each year

Bald Face Hornets are usually not aggressive unless their nest is disturbed most often by causing vibrations to it. They aggressively defend their nest and sting violently. For this reason, it is always best to leave these stinging insects up to the professionals.  

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