How No Mice Became a Lot of Told by a Mouse.


I am a mouse and the nights are getting cooler. This is my first year on the planet so I am trying to figure out why this is happening…but I do know I need to find a warm and cozy place to call home as my nest in the bushes is just not cutting it anymore. My tootsies are getting cold and I can’t fall fast asleep as I used to. I do see this large structure down the path a little ways. There is warmth that I feel as I pass by at night grabbing scraps from their garbage can. I even found a hole around their A/C line that I may take a look at tonight to see if it turns into anything.

Well… I found this amazing bungalow past the A/C line. You won’t even believe it. There is plenty of warm pink fluffy stuff around me, plenty of room to carve out for a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room. It is incredible. No one will bother me, no rain to worry about, and $0.00 rent! I must have hit the lottery. I got settled in and went on an adventure. I climbed up the wall a little ways and found this pvc pipe leading into some cabinets filled with snacks. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Free food too!? Well… now that I have this new spot, I think I will invite my girlfriend Sandy over to spend the fall and winter with me. I don’t think she would be cool with me bach’ing it in the warmth while she freezes all season long outside.

Well, Sandy came over and has been staying over for the past few weeks. One thing led to another and now we have 6 kids. It is a lot of work feeding and caring for these little twirps! All they do is sleep and eat. They will be paying their own way soon enough. The bathroom is getting pretty smelly so we have to expand our home and while the food supply up the pvc pipe is still good, they go through so much so now we are having to go more frequently to get our supplies.

Another few weeks go by and here we go again…now we have 12 children. This is just great. We are kicking out the first round of kids as they are old enough to get their own pad. There is a nice space a few walls over that they are going to carve out for themselves. I hope they don’t think that they are going to be hogging our food source we have…we gave them life and I don’t want them mooching off our supply.

Three weeks later… In the world of mice, it is apparently okay to breed within your family. I say this because our children have started to create more offspring and now we have 40 mice on our ancestry tree. All because I invited Sandy to come live with me a couple months ago. Clearly that was a mistake. So now we are making more noise around this nice, free, cozy, free, comfortable, (have I said free yet?) home.  I know this thing will spiral out of control in the next couple of months. I suppose I will continue to enjoy the time I have left. As I age, I am becoming more wise to the structure and the many routes around it. I have found other cabinets of food and sources of water for Sandy and I. We have horded a nice stash for ourselves so other family members (cough cough little Debbie cough cough) doesn’t eat us out of house and home.

A month later… things are not looking good. I know I was concerned that my family was getting too large a while back. On my daily trip to the grocery store (you know, that great cabinet that is always cleaned out and refilled?), I overheard the owner of the building talking on the phone with some people called Eco Serve. They were on their way over that day to take care of what the owners called, “Unwelcomed House Mice”. Clearly they were talking about me and Sandy and our extended family members. We have become unwelcomed in our own home we have claimed stakes to. Hopefully this isn’t the last you hear from me. I have to get back to Sandy to let her know of our current situation.  

Epilogue: Mr. Mouse was never heard from again. The friendly, fast, and professional folks at Eco Serve Pest Services came out to the lovely home of Mr and Mrs Smith and took care of the mouse problem that had gotten out of hand. The gap around the A/C line had been sealed up along with a few other areas of concern around the home. The Smith Family even signed up for the preventive home plan to keep mice and other pests from coming back down the road.  Looks like the neighborhood pests will have to keep searching for a place to call home...thanks to Eco Serve! 

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