Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

This is the time of year where everyone is out in their yards getting flowers planted, mowing their lawn, putting out the patio furniture and simply enjoying the warm air. If you are looking for things to add to the list, or maybe your spouse’s list, follow these tips to help prevent pests from entering your home this summer!

  • Trimming tree branches back off your home can be the difference between having a large pest issue and none at all. Insects (particularly carpenter ants) love to follow lines. Tree branches that touch a structure will lead them straight inside and provide them with all the necessities for a happy living environment! 
  • Keeping mulch away from the house- mulch holds a ton of moisture and when sitting against the foundation year after year, can create not only an attraction to insects, but also poor water drainage and the potential for water damage in the future.
  • Rubber mulch is best- if you are thinking about re-doing the landscaping or putting in more mulch, rubber mulch is the best kind to get. While it is certainly an investment out, rubber mulch allows water to flow through it much easier and is much less likely to carry insects with it. 
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts- Debris and standing water in your gutters is not only a haven for all insects, but particularly mosquitoes. Keep them free flowing and this becomes a non-issue!
  • Check your screens for tares- Flying insects such as midges, wasps, and mosquitoes love to get in through damaged screens on windows and doors. You can purchase screen repair kits at your local hardware store and solve this issue in a half an hour.

If you notice any pests or signs of pests and are unsure of what is going on, feel free to give us a call at 536-5806.  

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