The Luck of the Lady Bug

The Luck of the Lady Bug

Last Saturday, April 30th, Audrey Hall was on air with Dominic Cortese on The Hammertime Show on WBEN 930. One of the questions she had was why are lady bugs known to be lucky? Well… she was stumped! We know that lady bugs are very beneficial to our environment because they feed upon aphids which attack our plant leaves, so that is one reason not to kill them. A single ladybug can consume as many as 5,000 aphids during their lifespan. However, to not kill lady bugs because they bring good luck required a bit more research. There are several reasons we have found. One of which is a superstitious belief in many cultures that children would hear; do not kill the lady bugs as they will bring bad luck! Most believe this came from farmers telling the kids to help keep lady bugs alive and protecting their crops.  Another cultural belief is that they simply bring good luck.  Seeing one may bring financial prosperity, love, or make a wish come true.  In addition to the luck brought by a lady bug, there is Christian symbolism behind the spots of the beetle. During the middle ages, societies believed the spots represented the Seven Sorrows of Mary and when farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary, these “Beetles of Our Lady” (as referred by the farmers) would come to defend the crops. Later on, “Beetles of our Lady” shortened its name to lady bugs as we know them today. 

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