Box Elder Bug Control

Box Elder Bug ControlFortunately, not all pests are harmful to family or co-workers. While boxelder bugs may look fearsome in large groups, they do not pose threats to humans and only feed off of plant matter. For most of the year, these winged insects are seen outdoors, feeding on trees and other foliage. Once it starts getting cold, they begin looking for warmer areas to take shelter during the winter. Often, they find cracks and openings in warm homes and buildings that they may choose to take residence in. 

Are Box Elder Bugs Dangerous?

While stumbling upon a swarm of box elder bugs may be startling, there is no need to fear box elder bugs. They do not display aggressive behavior and are not poisonous. The extent of damage may be from leaving trails of their excrement which may stain surfaces. They do not feed on most foods stored in homes or on other materials used in buildings, rendering them mostly a physical nuisance. 

How to Remove Box Elder Bugs:

If you already see a large number of these bugs, the easiest way to remove them is to use a vacuum cleaner to gather them and then to bring them outside. To prevent them from entering you may look for any broken seals around your home. This can include holes in screens, broken windows, and cracks along your exterior walls. If you have experienced repeat invasions, you may want to administer pesticides along the exterior of your home too. 


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