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If your home or business is experiencing an influx of ants, it's time to contact Eco Serve Pest Control. We specialize in ant exterminator services that can safely remove ants from your property in an eco-friendly way. We understand the importance of pest removal to your family, and we are dedicated to helping you.

Carpenter Ant Removal

Ant Control and Removal Services

Carpenter ants are responsible for millions of dollars of damage every year in the United States. Locating and treating nests in and around a structure is the key to carpenter ant control. Specialized equipment allows for injection of products deep into excavated wood galleries. Great improvements have been made with bait technologies in carpenter ant control services. Proper placement of bait products aids greatly in overall ant control, however, considerable expertise is usually necessary for effective results. Once satellite colonies are eliminated within a structure outside preventative treatments are usually necessary to help deter ants attempting to re-enter from their natural exterior environment.

Pavement Ant Control

Pavement ants have become one of the most encountered pests in the United States today. They are small, brown ants about 1/8 inches long. Pavement ants live in large colonies often along outside foundations in perimeter soils, under flat rocks or concrete slabs.

Ant Exterminator and Ant Removal Thousands of pavement ant workers can be found in one colony. They commonly bring sandy soil up through cracks of sidewalks, driveways, patios, inside along baseboards above slab foundations and atop concrete basement walls. Pavement ants are often noticed in trails, one following another, along baseboards or concrete slab foundations and on top of basement foundation walls. These ants, known as foragers, are searching for food to take back to share with their colony. Foraging ants represent only about 5% of the colony at any given time.

An effective means of ant control is the use of ant baits both inside and outside the structure taking advantage of the pavement ant’s food sharing habits. We treat outside ant colonies along foundations, under concrete slabs and flat stones with both injection and spray methods. It is common to notice an increase in ants feeding inside on baits for a week or so before activity drops off. Do not interfere with trailing ants once ant baits are placed and do not use cleansers or pesticides near ant trails. Foraging ants must be able to return to their colony with the treated baits.

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Year-round protection is available through our service plans which help protect you, your home, and your family from unwanted problems because new pests tend to occur again in the same or similar locations due to the environmental conditions in and around your structure. Contact us today for more information to learn how we can help you with ant removal services for your Buffalo, NY home.