Clothes Moths Control

Clothes Moths ControlIt usually happens unexpectedly, while picking out an outfit for the day, you pull out your favorite sweater, only to see it riddled with holes. No one likes to part ways with one of their most cherished pieces of clothing, but you will need to reexamine your closet and surroundings to see if there is a bigger problem on hand. 

What Causes Holes in Clothes?

One of the most common pests to damage clothing and other textile materials are clothes moths. These creatures feed exclusively on animal fibers, which can be anything made of wool, fur, silk, leather and felt. Finding such food sources is critical for the clothes moth’s larvae, which need proteins in these materials to grow. There are other creatures that can feed on similar materials, including carpet beetles, so you will want to closely look at problem areas to find out what the cause really is. 

How To Get Rid of Clothes Moths: 

If you find an old scarf or rug with holes in it, take a closer look while shining light onto the fabric. You may be able to find some small, creamy-white caterpillars feeding on the fabric. However, they may also have moved to other areas and you will need to search inside your closet, basement or other storage areas. Dark areas are where they tend to hide the most, so bring light and look for traces of their webs, which can look like dried mucus or cocoons in the area of concern. 

How To Prevent Infestations

When you have found any articles of clothing or other materials that have been impacted by clothes moths, you will want to thoroughly clean them or discard them if they are beyond repair. Also, meticulously clean the storage areas you found the clothing. To prevent further damage to other clothing, you should store them in sealed bins, dressers or bags which prevent clothes moths from entering in the first place. Regular inspection of your clothes or other merchandise is also recommended. Some stores or museums with valuable display items can consider placing items in plastic bags and freezing them to kill off any clothes moth life forms too. 

Emergency Clothes Moth Control

Usually, the extent of clothing damage may not be severe. However, if you find many damaged pieces of clothing or merchandise, you will need professional help to inspect the extent of clothes moth infestation in your home or building. Eco Serve Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control plans that can protect you against clothes moths and related pests throughout the year. To schedule emergency service, please contact us today!