Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control in KitchenOne of the most elusive pests to plague kitchens and food service areas is the resilient cockroach. There are a couple of common species found in Western New York, including the American Roach and the German Roach, but most cockroaches share similar traits that can lead to serious health concerns. They travel and live in a variety of conditions, able to transverse sewers, trash receptacles, and underground pathways. Through their travels, they carry and spread bacteria to other surfaces they touch. They are also nocturnal and often hide out of sight. Once you spot one or two in the open, you know there are dozens more hiding nearby. 

Ways to Spot Cockroaches: 

Check dark and damp areas around your home where cockroaches like to live
Exoskeletons: cockroaches shed their skin while growing, evidence of their presence
Droppings: Droppings differ between species, looking like coffee grinds or blunt shapes. Pile-ups can be found behind appliances, in dark corners. 

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches: 

Cockroaches need consistent food supplies to sustain their livelihood, relying on food scraps and waste. Often controlling food waste requires a collective effort, which can be difficult to establish in larger buildings and residential complexes. Tidying up common areas and containing food waste can curtail the population of cockroaches. However, to provide maximum protection, you will need the help of a professional exterminator to locate deeply entrenched cockroach populations and drive them away. 

Schedule Your Cockroach Protection Program

If you have a large cockroach problem, you need to respond quickly before the health of your loved ones and the reputation of your business are harmed. Schedule help from the pest control specialists at Eco Serve Pest Control by contacting us today. We offer treatment programs for cockroach infestations in residential areas and large industrial complexes. Let us handle your pest problem!