Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your service safe for my family and pets?

Eco Serve Pest Services provides pest management with a sharp focus on the safety of our customers, our employees, and the protection of our environment. Our trained professionals have all undergone thorough training to ensure the utmost concern and safety for you and your entire family.  Our treatments will not stain carpets or floors and will not harm house plants or outdoor plantings. 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are reddish-brown insects, with adults being 4-5 millimeters long, or as big as an apple seed. They have 6 legs and a large abdomen that has horizontal stripes running across the back. Two antennae are also located at the front of their heads, branching sideways.

How Do You Remove A Tick?

Do not use your fingers, if you squeeze the tick, it may release pathogens into your system. It's best to use a pair of tweezers and grab the base of the tick close to your skin and slowly pull upwards. Do not twist or shake the tick. 

Is there a simple way to get rid of pesky tiny ants?

There are a number of small ant species in the Western New York area which commonly find their way into homes and businesses. Proper identification is usually necessary to determine where the particular ants are coming from so proper control measures can be applied. Some ants live in the soil next to building foundations, others prefer wall voids, while others may travel some distance to a structure in search of food. Certain species of ants prefer protein based foods while others like sweets which is important if ant baits are being used for control.  While a spray application of a pesticide works well to control certain types of ants it will scatter other species resulting in multiple sources of ant activity rather than just one.  Eco Serve Pest Services provides free identification service of specimens. Please give us a call at (716) 536-5806 to schedule a pickup or feel free to mail the specimen to 3573 North Buffalo Rd, Orchard Park, NY 14127.  If you are mailing a specimen, it is best to place it in a pill bottle or a similar container to protect the delicate body parts from damage which may make it impossible to accurately identify. 

What are some signs that I may have a pest problem?

The obvious evidence is the pest themselves. For example, you may notice numerous carpenter ants suddenly appear indoors, especially in spring. Hornets or bees may be seen hovering under the eaves outside your home. But sometimes the evidence is more subtle if it is visible at all. Take carpenter ants. After chewing wood to make tunnels in which to live, the carpenter ant leaves behind soft, fluffy sawdust. This sawdust, combined with bits and pieces of insects on which the ants have fed, is known as frass. Frass is carried from the nest and deposited outside and is one sign of carpenter ant damage that you may notice. Newly gnawed wood that tends to be rough with a pair of tooth marks readily visible may be evidence of mice or rats. Open-celled paper-like nests that resemble umbrellas found on the underside of eaves, soffits, deck/porch rails, windows and door frames are signs of wasp infestation. Our trained pest management professionals can assist you in finding evidence of a pest problem. Contact Us for more information on your common pest control questions.