Paper Wasps

Paper wasps, like yellow jackets, are beneficial most of the time as they feed on other insects. When paper wasps locate their nests too close to human activity, they become a nuisance. During spring and early summer each year, paper wasps begin to build open celled paper-like nests which resemble an umbrella. Nests are commonly found on undersides of eaves, soffits, deck/porch rails, window & door frames, undersides of stairs/decks, porch ceilings, mail boxes, lights, yard play sets, pool edges, behind shutters, etc.

Nest size can range from a few to a few hundred wasps, however, most nests have between 20 and 50 individuals. Paper wasps are normally non-aggressive unless their nest is disturbed when they sting readily. Eliminate common conditions which support wasp activity by:

  • Keeping trash collection areas clean
  • Store garbage in sealed bags
  • Seal holes in exterior surfaces along rooflines, siding and storm windows



The best treatment for control of paper wasp problems is to locate and eliminate their nests. Professional pest management assistance is helpful to lessen the possibility of being stung and to increase the likelihood that as many wasp nests as possible are located. Proper materials and specialized application equipment allows as many adult wasps to be killed during initial treatment as possible. This helps reduce new nests being built by worker wasps that are absent during treatment. Nests should be removed after treatment.


Year round protection is available through our Commercial, Eco Shield or Eco Premium service plans which help protect you, your home or business and your family from unwanted problems because new pests tend to occur again in the same or similar locations due to the environmental conditions in and around your structure.  Details are available from our service specialist or by calling our customer service center at (716) 536-5806.