Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket RemovalYellow Jacket wasps are normally considered beneficial because their primary food source is other insects. Yellow jackets become a problem when they build nests too close to people. They defend their nest aggressively, sting repeatedly and become a nuisance at picnics, around pools, and at other outdoor activities, especially during late summer. Some people develop sensitivity to the venom delivered by their painful stings with later stings creating a serious health threat to the affected individual.

Where Can You Find Yellow Jackets?

Yellowjacket nests are constructed new each spring from fertilized queens which have survived the winter. Other members of a colony die off as cold weather arrives. These wasps build nests from a paper-like product they produce. Usually, nests are found in the ground, in bushes, in trees, or inside buildings in walls, attics, and chimneys. Nests vary in size from a few hundred to many thousands of individual wasps. It is recommended that yellow jacket control is left to the professionals, as their aggressive behavior can be very dangerous without the proper equipment and gear.

Yellowjacket Removal

Contact For Emergency Removal

If you have recurring problems with yellowjackets around your home or office, you need a thorough inspection and understanding of your surroundings. At Eco Serve, our team can perform a variety of checks throughout the year, keeping your family or staff safe from danger. Schedule a flexible plan to keep pests under control by calling us today at (585) 993-9100.