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How to Deal With Stink Bugs

stink bug in green grass

The most common stink bug around Western New York is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Feeding on many types of fruits and vegetables, this stink bug has become a widespread agricultural pest. For homes and businesses, stink bugs are also nuisances, releasing foul odors in large numbers as the weather gets colder. We'll provide you with the following information on stink bugs:

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

The most common stink bug in Western New York is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, which describes the mostly brown and tan body of a stink bug. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is about 17 mm long and is an agricultural pest. They also have some patches of copper or metallic-blue on their heads. Stink bugs have two large antennae and 6 legs and also have a triangular plate on their back like other shield bugs. 

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous? 

Stink bugs are not poisonous to humans, nor do they sting or bite. While they are not life-threatening, they may cause damage to plants in your home and can release very pungent odors too. They typically feed on fruits such as apples, peaches, and figs and can be a major issue for farmers.

How Do You Get Rid Of Stink Bugs?

To avoid the foul odors stink bugs release when disturbed or killed, the best method to get rid of stink bugs is to prevent them in the first place. This means looking for any types of gaps or holes around your home that could lead to stink bugs entering. Plugging up holes in screens and cracks along windows can go a long way in preventing stink bugs. For small populations, you can try sucking them into a vacuum cleaner with a bag. However, they will stink up the bag, so it may be wise to purchase a separate vacuum for removing stink bugs if you see many. 

Does Killing A Stink Bug Attract More?

No, it will not attract more stink bugs. The biggest attraction for stink bugs is the opportunity to enter a warm shelter for the winter, so prevention is still the biggest priority of controlling these pests.

Need Help With A Stink Bug Infestation?

For large populations entering your home during the fall season, you may need professional help. Our team of exterminators can help you find any problem areas that may be exploited by stink bugs around the exterior of your home or business. We can also apply external pesticides and place traps to lead away stink bugs away before they make serious trouble for you.

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