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Stinging Insect Control in Buffalo

When you’re dealing with wasps, bees, or other stinging insects, you want the pest control company with deep experience. Eco Serve Pest Services has been serving the Buffalo, NY area since 2000, and you can bet we’ve learned a ton about effective, safe, and long-lasting stinging insect control. Give us a call for time-tested methods on bee or wasp control!

Summer and fall in Western New York can’t be beat—you hardly want to spend time anywhere but outside! However, the presence of stinging insects can cast a shadow over outdoor time in your yard.

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Buffalo Stinging Insect Exterminators At Your Convenience

Our stinging insect exterminators have the knowledge and know-how to get rid of stinging insects around your home so you can get back to enjoying the sunshine.

When you choose Eco Serve for bee and wasp removal in Buffalo, you can count on:

  • An initial inspection to identify the specific species bothering you. 
  • Specialized treatment depending on the species and location.
  • Family-safe treatment options to make sure every nest is being dealt with carefully. 

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Fast, Flexible Scheduling

Both your safety and your time are important to us. We always respond in a timely manner to minimize the risk of your exposure to stinging insects. And, we offer Saturday service so that, even with the busiest schedule, you can get the service you need to have a safe home.

Trust Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a stinging insect control company in the Buffalo area, we know that the quality of our work can make or break us. That’s why we take great care to do great work. And for added assurance, Eco Serve Pest Services will back all our services with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If these pests return within 30 days, we’ll be back to re-treat your home at no extra cost to you!

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Differences Between Bees and Wasps

Although bees and wasps are easy to confuse, they occupy pretty distinct roles in an ecosystem. Our highly trained Buffalo exterminators know how to recognize the exact species present in your yard so they can resort to the best possible treatment option. Eco Serve offers some simple ways you can better tell the differences between these two insects:

  • Bees have fuzzy bodies — Wasps have smooth bodies
  • Bees are pollinators that feed on nectar — Wasps eat other insects, and scavenge meat.
  • Bees help plants reproduce by spreading pollen — Wasps reduce the amount of caterpillars that feed on the foliage of forest trees and ornamentals.
  • Bees can only sting once per insect because their stinger has barbs — Wasps can sting multiple times because they have a smooth stinger.

While both of these insects play important roles in our local ecosystems, they don’t need to nest right next to, or on, your house. If one of these species is too close for comfort, our stinging insect control in Buffalo are ready and equipped to provide solutions.

Common Wasps in Western New York

Here in the Buffalo area, you’re most likely to encounter two groups of wasps: Paper Wasps and Yellowjackets. Both tend to build nests near our homes, are smooth-bodied, and black and yellow. But they also have some tell-tale distinguishing factors between them. Here’s how you can tell paper wasps apart from yellowjackets:

Paper Wasps

  • Build open nests where you can always see the wasps and their larvae.
  • They locate their nests under overhangs, such as eaves or soffits.
  • Their nests hang from a single stalk.
  • Paper wasps have orange antennae.


  • Construct enclosed nests with a single hole.
  • They have black antennae on their heads.
  • Depending on the species, yellowjackets can have 300-150,000 individuals per nest.

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Reducing Yellow Jacket Stings in Fall

As summer comes to an end and resources begin to dwindle, yellowjackets can become more aggressive, seeking out sweet and sugary things along with meat and other kinds of food. Here are some simple steps you can take to minimize the chance of attracting and getting stung by yellowjackets come Autumn:

  • Keep food covered when picnicking.
  • Keep garbage bags and cans sealed so they can’t be accessed.
  • Instead of swatting yellowjackets, flick them to get rid of them
  • Stay calm and they’re less likely to sting you.

In general yellowjackets don’t go out of their way looking for a fight. Only if they feel like you are threatening them or their nests will they attack. That’s why making a commotion by trying to swat them increases the chances of them actually stinging you. Our wasp control will put a stop to these stinging insects for good. 

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Areas We Service in New York

Here at Eco Serve Pest Services, we are built around a commitment to customer service, transparency, and giving back. In addition to serving our community by providing pest management, we also give back through events such as food drives, our team day of giving, and other philanthropic events. When you let us help you, you help us give back to our larger community.

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5 Star Review

While I don’t imagine most people would be excited to need a pest control service, it is refreshing to know that the staff at Eco Serve is more than equipped to help.

Greg Myers
5 Star Review

Gerry called ahead to say he’d arrive at the time of the appointment which was nice and then he did😊. Was professional, talked with my wife to fully understand the problem and then examined the whole house and applied product as he determined was needed. I would expect based on the response and professionalism so far with this company that we’ll have positive results.

lars10460 b
5 Star Review

Very happy with the friendly, professional service we receive from Ecoserve!!!

Michelle Mendofik

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