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Flexible Scheduling and Service Within 48 Hours for Your Convenience

When you need relief from pests, you need it fast—and that’s where Eco Serve Pest Services comes in. With a range of services, convenient scheduling, and Saturday hours, we’ve got the fast and easy pest control you’ve been looking for.


Our Pest Control Services in Western New York

Pest problems come in all shapes and sizes, from ants overrunning your counters to rats setting up shop in your attic. Lucky for you, Eco Serve Pest Services is the one-size-fits-all solution to any sort of pest problem. No matter what you’re facing, we have the expertise and know-how needed to eliminate your infestation completely. Even better, our guaranteed service means that if you experience problems with pests between treatments or during your warranty period, we’ll be back to set it right in no time. Let us help you cross pest problems off your to-do list once and for all.

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Pest Control

No one should have to share their home with creepy crawlers. Let our team of exterminators at Eco Serve Pest Services help by providing you the guaranteed treatments you need to get a pest-free home.Read more

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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs can rob you of the rest you need to live a healthy, productive life. Eco Serve Pest Services can give you the technology-driven bed bug treatments you need to get a good night’s sleep again in no time.Read more

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Commercial Services

When pests invade your business, you lose time and energy you could be giving to your customers and team. Let the expert exterminators at Eco Serve Pest Services take that worry off your mind with our commercial pest control services.Read more

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Rodent Control

With years of experience removing mice and preventing infestations, Eco Serve Pest Control has the expertise to handle your situation. Our residential and commercial programs routinely handle mice problems in homes and businesses around Western New York.Read more

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Tick and Mosquito Control

Ticks and mosquitoes can quickly take the “great” out of the great outdoors. These bloodsucking parasites need no invitation to set up shop in your yard, and once they’re there, getting them out on your own can be nearly impossible. In fact, mosquitoes need less than an inch of...Read more

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects have the ability to ruin the peace of your property when outdoors. Eco Serve offers expert stinging insect control to make sure any bee or wasp is exterminated and you can go back to enjoying your days outside. Read more