How are Moles & Voles Different

Mole climbing out of a hole in you yard.

Moles and voles can be destructive to your lawn. The damage they create can be unappealing as well as attract other pests. While they offer a bit of environmental benefit in aerating the soil with their digging, having them in your garden can be a bother. Mole and vole control from Eco Serve offers an efficient way to get rid of these pests so your yard can look superb without the intrusion of molehills popping up unexpectedly.

What is the difference between moles and voles?

As avid burrowers, both animals can be confused with one another to the untrained eye. However, they are distinctly different in terms of just about everything else. Often both animals will remain underground, so it can be even more difficult to tell them apart. So how can you tell which one is tearing up your lawn?

Characteristics of moles

Moles are underground mammals; their strong front paws equip them to dig dirt efficiently which is bad for your lawn. A mole's diet mostly consists of earthworms, larvae, and other underground insects. The way they acquire this food can leave your lawn in poor shape. Molehills are created when moles come to the surface for air, however, because they reuse inhaled oxygen they rarely come to the surface. It is important to remove moles from your yard as soon as possible because the tunnels that they create can house another pest such as voles.




Characteristics of voles

Voles look similar to mice except they have smaller ears, eyes, and a stouter body. They target plants' roots as their primary source of food. You can quickly identify voles in your garden if you notice plants in your garden are withering, or the bark on trees has been gnawed off. Additionally, you may see longer tunnels that appear as opposed to molehills. Vole control is a necessity because their appetite for roots can leave you with a dead garden and they tend to transmit diseases making them even more of a threat to your family.




How Eco Serve provides mole and vole control

Eco Serve treatments are designed to mitigate these troublesome pests quickly. We treat your garden until the mole and vole populations have been eradicated. We use a combination of special traps and baits to ensure moles are dealt with effectively and weather-resistant vole bait to monitor and control their activity. 

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