Pest Control For Apartments and Rental Properties

Apartment Pest ControlNo one wants to come home pests crawling around their food or warning signs about incoming exterminators. If pests spread to neighboring units in your property potential tenants will choose another place and current tenants will reconsider renewing their leases. Regardless of the unit size, tenants look for safe living conditions and responsible management. It can be challenging for property management to deal with pests in large rental properties but with the help of a professional pest control company, your tenants can be safe from even the most resilient pests. 

Year-Round Prevention:

Preventing pests from entering your properties is the safest and most economical approach to keeping tenants happy for the long-term. As the seasons change, different pests may become more prevalent, seeking warmer shelter or increasing in activity and migrating closer to your property in the months of spring and summer. With Eco Serve’s Commercial pest protection plans, we guard your property against even the most persistent pests throughout the year. We handle a wide variety of pests that commonly find their ways in multifamily homes and apartment complexes.

Flexible Plans Built Around Your Needs

We offer customizable plans that can cover the following: 

  • Third Party Audit Compliance 
  • Environmentally Responsible Solutions
  • Dedicated Technicians and Responsiveness
  • Accessible Service Records
  • Education and Training Services
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Cockroach Control


Schedule Pest Control Services Today

To keep your property and tenants safe, you need a dedicated pest control program tailored to your local environment and property needs. Eco Serve has been keeping pests away from apartments, condos and multifamily homes in Western New York for the past 20 years. Contact Eco Serve today to request a quote or schedule an inspection today!