Unknown Hazards of Mice in Your Home

The Unknown Hazards of Mice in Your Home

The very unwelcoming scratching noise coming from your walls has begun. It is the middle of the night and the small scurrying feet dancing above your head as you lay in bed keeps you awake. You kind of wonder, what is going on in those walls…? Are they having a party up there? They are so cute... I am sure it is only one mouse and will move along by tomorrow morning. Here at Eco Serve, we have been very busy with rodent work around Western New York so there is a slight peace of mind in knowing you are not alone, right…? Probably not however we are here to help provide a bit more information on their cause for concern and what to do next.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know the extent of both health and safety risks rodents pose to a property.  Rodents (both mice and rats) are some of the dirtiest mammals on our planet. They collect dirt, viruses, carry ticks, mites and fleas, and can even transmit diseases wherever they go. Some of these serious health concerns include Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, and allergens associated with hair and dust.  When they get into our homes where we sleep, prepare food, and our children and pets play, they bring these very serious concerns with them. With this, it is important to also be aware that when mice travel, they leave drops of urine behind them. So if they are rummaging around your kitchen cupboards for a late night snack… they are leaving an invisible trail of urine wherever they move.  This includes your food that you feed to your family… pretty gross and certainly not safe!  

If that wasn’t bad enough, rodent’s teeth are constantly growing so they need something to gnaw on to keep them short and sharp. As they are running through your walls, mice most often use routes where holes are drilled for wire to run through. These electrical and cable wiring are perfect for rodents to chew on, causing thousands and thousands of dollars in damage each year. This does not even include the many house fires that are started from rodents chewing through wiring.

We hear a lot of times, “We get mice every year and just kind of set traps and get a few”. It is important to make sure the issue is resolved quickly so these mice don’t continue to multiply and create continuous health and safety hazards for your family.  We keep our homes clean and provide a safe environment for our families so it is important to protect our loved ones from rodents that can compromise our efforts. If you are hearing these noises in your wall or have found droppings in your cupboards or basement, give us a call immediately so we can come out and identify what is going on. We provide a free evaluation of both the interior and exterior of your home and provide helpful tips and advice from your local pest professionals at Eco Serve Pest Services. Contact us online at www.ecoservepest.com/contact-us or give us a call at 716-536-5806 today!

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