Yellow Jacket Wasps

While yellow jacket wasps are normally considered beneficial because their primary food source is other insects, they become a problem when they build nests too close to people. They defend their nest aggressively, sting repeatedly and become a nuisance at picnics, around pools and at other outdoor activities, especially during late summer. Some people develop sensitivity to the venom delivered by their painful stings with later stings creating a serious health threat to the affected individual. Yellow jacket nests are constructed new each spring from fertilized queens which have survived the winter. Other members of a colony die off as cold weather arrives.

These wasps build nests from a paper-like product they produce. Usually nests are found in the ground, in bushes, in trees, or inside structures in walls, attics, and chimneys. Nests vary in size from a few hundred to many thousands of individual wasps.  Nests located in wall voids are particularly problematic because it is difficult to tell how large the nest truly is and also where exactly the nest is located. The nest can be located right next to their entry point or they can crawl 5 feet away from the entry point to get to their nest. For these reasons, self treating nests in wall voids can be dangerous. If all the wasps inside are not killed and cannot leave through their entry point because of the repellent spray that has been applied, they will chew through the wall and get into the house. This very scary scenario is called a break through, where the wasps will chew through to the inside of the home and hundreds of them will be quite angry, flying around the inside of the house.  This picture was taken at a home that was self treated at the entry point from the outside and drove the wasps right inside. We had to cut through the soft drywall to remove the nest.

We highly recommend calling in a pest professional for any type of wasp or hornet nest.  Wasps and hornets become very agitated when their homes are disturbed and will continually pour out of the nest and sting those nearby repeatedly. The Eco Serve Pest Team always wears proper wasp suit protection to ensure their safety so they can focus on the accurate completion of treatment.  We often find many homeowners deal with wasps and hornets on an annual basis. Many factors go into the attractiveness of wasps to a home. Light colored homes, flowering plants, moisture, and rural areas are all magnets for wasps and hornets. Eco Serve offers year round protection through our Eco Shield and Eco Premium home service plans which help protect you, your home or business, and your family from unwanted pest problems.  Feel free to give us a call at (716) 536-5806 or by contacting us directly here to find out how Eco Serve can quickly solve your pest problems.

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