Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee RemovalBuzzing bees help pollinate the earth, being particularly helpful in gardens, meadows, forests and anywhere outside of your home. Though they can be intimidating, honey bees generally help local ecosystems, meaning it’s best to prevent them from becoming a pest before eliminating them altogether. 

Are Honey Bees Dangerous?

Bees are predominantly docile, only becoming aggressive when their hives are directly threatened by intruders. Standing close to a traveling bee should not cause it to sting you, but direct contact that harms a bee can result in them stinging you, which is a last resort defense. Some people may be allergic to the venom in a bee sting, which can range from increased swelling at the site of the sting or breaking out in widespread hives around their body. This requires immediate medical attention. Other than that, bees do not pose threats of destructive behaviors that can damage your property. 


Ways to Keep Honey Bees Out

If you find an old scarf or rug with holes in it, take a closer look while shining light onto the fabric. You may be able to find some small, creamy-white caterpillars feeding on the fabric. However, they may also have moved to other areas and you will need to search inside your closet, basement or other storage areas. Dark areas are where they tend to hide the most, so bring light and look for traces of their webs, which can look like dried mucus or cocoons in the area of concern. 

How To Prevent Infestations

As honey bees feed on nectar in flowering plants, you need to be cautious of how plants are positioned around your home. Keeping a distance from your home and garden can help direct bees to the garden and not into your home. Flowering house plants can also attract bees, but with proper seals and barriers around your home, the bees should not be able to fly into your home. Be sure to check for any holes in screens, windows, and chimney openings. If you do find a problem with a nearby beehive, it is always suggested to call a professional to assess the situation and determine how to proceed. Handling a hive on your own can result in bodily harm and may negatively impact your local environment too. 

Schedule Your Pest Control

If you notice any persistent problems with honey bees or other kinds of harmful pests, you can always find professional help from Eco Serve Pest Control. Contact our team today to schedule protection programs that are flexible to your budget and needs.