Hospital Pest Control Services

Hospital Commercial Pest Control

Keeping patients safe falls under the responsibility of a hospital. Understandably, sterilization is kept for operating rooms but maintaining as much cleanliness everywhere else is still critical to promoting quick recovery for patients. 

One of the greatest threats to hospital safety comes in the form of unwanted pests. Rodents and bugs can find hospitals to be reliable shelters, with a steady flow of food and water. Despite how much your cleaning staff may do, pests may find hidden spaces to live and breed in. Without a professional inspection, you may be subject to unwanted infestations that spread infections, stir negative publicity and add significant overhead costs. 

How Do You Prevent Pests In Hospitals?

At Eco Serve, our pest control in hospitals includes a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your facility. We deploy Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and assess your surroundings to determine unique problems your hospital faces. Our plans are fully adjustable based on your needs and concerns, ensuring that we cover exactly what you need while considering your budget too. Depending on your situation, your pest management program may include: 

  • Third Party Audit Compliance 
  • Environmentally Responsible Solutions
  • Dedicated Technicians and Responsiveness
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Rodent Control 

Schedule Pest Control Services Today

If you have noticed any signs of pests in your hospital, you need to act quickly to keep your patients and staff safe. Pests breed quickly and need to be discovered and removed as soon as possible. Contact Eco Serve to have our team examine your building today!