Mark Bachmann
Customer Care Representative

Mark can be found in the office scheduling, assisting new and current customers, selling new services and programs, assisting our technicians and other staff to make their days go smoother, maintaining the fleet vehicles, creating/updating site maps, trending reports, collections/deposits/AR duties, amongst other things! He started working in the industry in 1976 although he has been around the industry sine he was very young. His parents spent their lives in the industry and he was always either in the office learning from his mother or riding with his dad learning in the field!

Mark's favorite thing about working at Eco Serve is being able to help our customers with their needs by addressing their concerns, discussing what their issue is while being able to know exactly what they are referring to, and resolving their problems to put their minds at ease. Knowing what we do helps keep them and their families safe and pest free!

Mark was born in Detroit, Michigan but really raised in Hamburg/Buffalo, New York. Outside of the office he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and relaxing at home with his cat Joker.

Tell us the most interesting fact about you!

I tend to be well organized and have a pretty good memory.

What is your favorite hobby?

Used to be bowling but I'm no longer able to.

What is your favorite animal?

Don't really have one. I love all animals, especially monkeys.


I was DEC certified since 1976 until a few years ago when I didn't renew due to no longer working in the field.

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