Eco Serve - Residential Pest Services

Eco Serve Pest Services offers a multitude of services based on personal customer needs. We begin by evaluating the problem at your home and offer a personalized plan to eliminate the problem. We then discuss the options to eliminate your problem. Sometimes, it may just require a one time service to get rid of the problem.

Preventative Pest Protection Program

For many families in our area, pests will be present around a home year after year. This is why we offer preventative service plans with full protection against common reocurring pests. These plans offer pre-scheduled servicing and peace of mind in maintaining a pest free home. 

Eco Premium Service Plan

The Eco Premium Plan includes everything the Eco Shield Service Plan offers along with ants, centipedes, milipedes, silverfish plus...

Rodent Protection– Rats & Mice

Ever catch a mouse inside your home during the winter? Now, you just make one phone call and let us take care of!

2 Seasonal Treatments– We create a barrier around your home to help prevent pests from coming in.

Winter Visit– During your winter visit, we:

-Service an exterior rodent feeder installed on the outside of your home to keep mice from looking for food inside

-Perform a full basement inspection for rodents and insects where we vacuum up any spider webs and treat as needed for overwintering insects that are found

 Budget Friendly Payment Option: The Eco Premium Plan comes with the option to pay monthly, giving our customers a more budget conscious way to afford pest free living!

Eco Premium Plus

Specific for customers who wish to add on a certain pest for coverage to their existing Eco Premium Plan.

Additional Pests include:

  • Fleas
  • Overwintering Pests:
  • Cluster Flies, Boxelder Bugs, Lady Bugs & Stink Bugs

Eco Shield Service Plan

Eco Serve Pest Services’ Eco Shield service plan helps prevent spiders, carpenter bees, and wasps (Excludes Honey Bees*) in and around your home all season long. Eco Shield provides two exterior services per season scheduled 8-12 weeks apart from late April through September. The outer perimeter of your home and surrounding vegetation are inspected and treated to help prevent pests covered by your Eco Shield service plan.  If you notice activity from covered pests we will return as often as necessary to eliminate the problem at no additional charge for as long as you maintain your service plan. It is generally not necessary for you to be home at the time of service.

Eco Guard Service Plan

Eco Serve Pest Services’ Eco Guard service plan covers you for Mice and Rats. Service runs on a monthly basis from March - October. Exterior rodent feeders will be installed around the exterior perimeter of your home and snap traps or glueboards will be placed inside your home as needed for complete coverage. If you have pets or small children special attention will be made to ensure no harm. 


*In an effort to join in the fight against colony collapse disorder, Eco Service will be recommending a bee keeper to come and remove honey bee hives from homes and businesses.