Stink Bug Removal in Buffalo NYStink Bug Removal in Buffalo NY

Known for their offensive odors, stink bugs can be quite a challenging nuisance in a home. Beyond the occasional stink bug crawling on your door, thousands of stink bugs may try to find ways to seek shelter in your warm home during the fall. Finding any cracks and crevices along your siding, windows, and doors, stink bugs look for refuge against the harsh cold around Buffalo, NY. Typically stink bugs remain dormant in the winter, however, if they find sufficient warmth in your home, they may become active and fly around your home.

Unpleasant Odors and Damages Stink Bugs Cause

Anyone that has smelled a stink bug releasing its odors knows how pungent it can be. As the bug’s primary defense mechanism, even a slight nudge can prompt the stink bug to release their chemical spray, making it challenging to remove stink bugs. The repulsive odor can linger in a room for several hours and that is only the damage caused by a single bug! If hundreds or thousands of stink bugs have infested your home, the odors can be overwhelming all winter long. Additionally, stink bugs are also agricultural pests. While many homeowners do not have extensive plants or interior gardens, any fruits and vegetation indoors may be seen as a food source for stink bugs. To protect your family from offensive odors and damaged produce, you will need to quickly address a stink bug infestation. 

Get in Touch With Professional Exterminators 

If you notice any abnormal numbers of stink bugs in your home, you need an experienced exterminator to help with stink bug removal services. At Eco Serve Pest Control, we can help you to quickly assess the level of infestation in your home and plan for an effective strategy to remove the stink bugs. With our understanding of Buffalo, NY and the surrounding communities, we know where to commonly find stink bugs and how to measure the severity of an infestation. For assistance with stink bug removal, contact us today and get started as soon as possible!