Boxelder Bugs, Stink Bugs, & More. The Good, Bad, and Stinky...

Boxelder Bugs, Stink Bugs, & More. 
The Good, Bad, and Stinky...
Since WNY does have multiple weather seasons, many insects will either fly south, die off, or go dormant. In order to stay dormant, many of these insects need some level of protection and warmth to stay alive. Overwintering pests are becoming more and more of a challenge for many homes in our area. Stink bugs, boxelder bugs, lady bugs, and cluster flies are all classified in this "overwintering" category. They move into the walls of our home, often times through cracks and gaps on the outside. On a nice winter day, you may see a handful come inside and then spring time, many people call during the first few weeks of warm temperatures with big issues of these pests. We have good news + bad news....
Good News
  • Overwintering Pests really don't carry harmful diseases, pathogens, bacteria's. So unlike our rodents in the above article, these insects are nuisance pests.
  • Many times, sealing around exterior windows, doors, foundation, door thresholds will go a LONG way at preventing their entrance to your home.



Bad News
  • They bring their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, neighbors, you name it. Bottom line: They come in droves. Many times, it isn't just a couple you see. It is dozens if not hundreds of pests that come in to make your life uncomfortable.
  • They make impromptu visits throughout the winter...inside your home. Once they are in the walls, it is easy for them to come through ceiling fixtures, around baseboards, or window frames.

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